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The QUIMIPIEL® tradermark represents Chemistry at the service of Leather. Our “We help you improve” motto expresses our philosophy of service, development, innovation and improvement of products and processes for ever-improving treatments of leather.


QUIMIPIEL was founded on 1987 in Barberà del Vallès, dedicated to manufacturing and merchandising chemical products and dyes for leather.

From the beginning QUIMIPIEL has been focus on garment and fur leather business, and always has been ready to dive support to teh customers on last leather trends on garment, shoe upper and upholstery.

QUIMIPIEL starts with an important exporting mentality. And now, QUIMIPIEL is present at the most important countries on leather sector, through his wid agent network. 

QUIMIPIEL maintains, from its origin, an innovative vocation and a clear commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment. That is why we work on the development of new products that meet the highest environmental requirements, without losing effectiveness and idleness in their application in leather.

QUIMIPIEL  is a member of Leather Working Group.

QUIMIPIEL has joined ZDHC Roadmap to Zero

 Because QUIMIPIEL is quality and sustainability.

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QUIMIPIEL S.L. A Spanish Chemical Company who servs the Leather, It beguins in products for Fur, with a wide range of auxiliaries and dyes for Double Face. Since 2007 we have the need to increase our range to every type of lather. We specializise in Product & Process.

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